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Today I bring you another of my favorite PTC sites. Are not you sick of earning 1 cent or less in your PTC? OneDollarPTC is the solution. PTC is not the most abundant, but a "revenue share site", ie what you get is the right to a share of the total profits of the page for the month you decide to collect. Mola, eh?

If you have not OneDollarPTC account CLICK here, and I'll tell you what it's sheath. Also be helpful if you were to make a PayPal account in order to collect. Of course, if you do not fancy making money online, you can always get to see some porn. If you'd like to continue reading even when you finish creating your account, please Login. Sometimes it costs to load, but do not despair. Go back a while later and try again. Will all work out (according to hours, they saturate the server).

Well, you're in your account page. Here you can see all your Stats: What I've won, what you've already taken, what remains receivable, etc. Also displayed the poster credits you have, just in case you've ever made the money earned credits. Do not, not worth it. For that there are plenty of pages of Free Web Traffic, which perform the same function (to bring visitors to your web), in a much more satisfying and far less expensive, absolutely free. In short, to use the money you earn to announce you next is sheer stupidity. As just opened your account, profits are zero. Let's remedy that.

As you can see, the menu of members (member menu) is on the left side. Go Earnings Area. Here are 3 sections: "Click Links", "Read Ads" and "Paid to Signup." Go to Click Links. See the list of ads, right? there as more than 300 daily. Some will give you $ 6, others $ 5, and another 3, 2 or 1 dollar. The mechanics are straightforward and similar to that of the PTC's that abound on the Internet: to click on a link will open a new window with the announcement and a countdown at the top. When it reaches zero, you will see 4 digits (eg 6398), and ask you to click on one of them. After doing so, you can close the window, and the amount will have been transferred to your account. It's that simple. Follow links to others, to accumulate as much money as you can. When finished, if someday you get to do all the clicks, you can go to Read Ads. There are usually four or five, and work just like before, but with a slightly longer countdown. IMPORTANT: You can only open one ad at a time, otherwise, funds not be counted. Finally, if you are lucky enough to find algin "Paid to Signup", you must register on a website they tell you, and you'll earn $ 25. A delight. Continually find new links, so you must go several times a day, to earn as much as possible each day.

As in most of the PTC, in OneDollarPTC also have the ability to capture referrals. They are people who register on the website of your party. You will you please send more people to click, and they will add each of the clicks that make them. Ie 1 referral = win twice. 2 triple etc referrals. The more you get, the more money you'll get when you go to collect. Even you can dedicate to doing nothing while they do clicks for you!. You can get referrals quickly and ProgramRefs.com GetRef.com

You can withdraw your money via PayPal once it reaches a balance of at least $ 10,000 in your account. Like much, but realize that you can make $ 1,000 daily without effort, so in just over a week you will receive the first payment. Remember that they will not pay you $ 10.000, but the more $ you gather, the more copper. Expects to receive approximately 1% of what you collect (one dollar for every 100). Do not rush, and enjoy! 

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